We offer a full range of alcohol free products from antibacterial hard surface cleaners and sanitisers, to hand sanitising foamers and hand wipes, all designed to give lasting protection and well being to both the individual and working environment.

All our products have been independently tested as can be seen from our test data. Benefits to your Organisation Most businesses major costs are people, our products are designed to benefit both the individual and the areas associated within their work place.

Bacterial Outbreak


Bacterial infections and outbreaks are without doubt increased in areas of poor sanitisation and cleaning practises, we deliver the means to assist, improve, and create a healthy environment for all to benefit through both our range of products and the services that we can provide for your company

Benefits to the Individual We see the individual as having the greatest choice in benefiting from our innovation through our hand sanitisers, and our anti bacterial products.

Sterizar Brings Benefits to

The Individual

Antibacterial Cleaning products are not new, but our formulations are, hand sanitisers are not new but our alcohol free, natural products are, and finally our hard surface antibacterial cleaner, with an active barrier which is not only a highly effective cleaner, but also an effective means of infection control.
We bring the means to benefit the caring individual and organisation to provide well being in your environment.