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Hand Sanitiser

SteriZar Hand Sanitiser solution is an Alcohol Free hand sanitiser that is manufactured to contain one of the fastest acting and most powerful pathogen killing properties available today, having been tested against bacteria and virus, and still providing a soft feel to the skin
SteriZar provides a rapid kill against a range of Bacteria and Viruses
The SteriZar range of products offers a comprehensive infection control package
SteriZar Hand Sanitiser is an ideal product for anyone who is looking for an effective alternative to alcohol based hand products, whose effectiveness ceases when dry.

Available In…

50ml Foam
50ml Gel
600ml Foam
5 Litre Refill
Instructions For Use
Apply to dry hands, dispense as necessary to give good coverage
Rub hands together, especially between fingers and around nails, until hands are completely dry
Do not rinse off – Repeat as necessary
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Benefits & Uses

sterizar hand sanitiser range
Below are listed tests carried out to EN Protocol by independent microbiologists
EN 1275 EN 1276 EN 1500 EN 1650
EN 1656 EN 13623 EN 13697 EN 13704
EN 13727 EN 14248 EN 14348 EN 14476
All test reports are available on request
Excellent Sanitiser
Effective against wide range of Bacteria & Virus (Please
see test data)
Alcohol Free & Non Flammable
Leaves hands soft and clean after 1 application
No water or towel required
Multiple applications will not dry out your skin
Contains over 95% water
Halal Certified
Non Flammable
Ph level of 7 to 8.5
Fully compliant with EU Biocide Regulations
Manufactured under ISO 9001
A blend of Biocides, surfactants and complexing agent.
Active Ingredients < 5%
Keep in cool, dry area. Do not mix Chemicals

Where Is The Market?

Doctors / Dentists Surgeries
Work Place / Offices
Drug & Alcohol Clinics
Food Manufacturers
Gyms and Fitness Centres
Vets & Equine Centres
Public & Private Transport
Auto Dispensing Sanitiser Stations
Nurseries & Schools
Hotels / Restaurants
Care homes
Bleach and alcohol based hand sanitisers only give short term protection on the skin , as their effectiveness ceases when dry. With no long lasting protection the treated areas are clear for bacteria and other pathogens to quickly recolonise.
The speed of recolonisation of bacteria means that within one day a single surviving bacteria cell can reproduce up to 6 million new individual cells on untreated surfaces