Sterizar Hand wash

Antibacterial Sanitising Hand Wash

SteriZar is now available as a hand wash, using the SteriZar formulation and combining with two other essential ingredients, we are able to provide a skin wash that is effective against a range of bacteria, cleans your hands , yet even after rinsing and drying still provides on going protection
SteriZar Hand Body Wash is Alcohol Free, leaves your skin feeling soft, and is low foaming
The SteriZar range of products offers a comprehensive infection control package

Available In…

sterizar Hand Wash 500ml
500 Ml Hand Wash
sterizar Hand Wash 5Ltr
5 Ltr Hand Wash
Instructions For Use
Apply one pump of soap onto hands. Wash / Rub into hands for 30 seconds with water, covering all areas, especially between fingers, rinse off and dry hands
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sterizar range


Benefits & Uses

Excellent Wash and Sanitiser
Alcohol Free & Non Flammable
Leaves hands soft and clean after 1 application
Tested to be effective 2 hours after rinsing
against tested bacteria. See report
Halal Certified
Scented (Spring Breeze)
A blend of Surfactants, a core biocide & complexing
agent, perfume, colouring agent , and moisturiser.
Active Ingredients < 5%
Keep in cool, dry area. Do not mix Chemicals

A healthy clean environment, will prevent cross contamination, control the spread of illness, reduce staff costs, improve the standard of care for staff, guests, patients and people in general