SteriZar Floor Cleaner – Ster 49+

The importance of a clean floor.

A clean floor is important, firstly it looks better!
One of the principal things individuals notice when they enter a business or home is the floors. If they appear messy, streaky, or have an unsavoury scent, individuals might be left with a poor first impression of your home of place of work. Potential colleagues and customers could even have their view of you influenced by a stained floor – First impressions count.

SteriZar floor cleaners can help you stop the spread of germs

Busy walkways in any organization makes a perfect home for microorganisms and bacteria – particularly important in medical clinics, doctors’ offices, vets, hospitals and other places that demand a germ free environment. A dirty floor can promote and aid the spread of germs and bacteria, potentially leading to increased cases of ailments and sicknesses.

As individuals also increasingly tend to hang out in the working environment and socialise in the workplace, it has become more important than ever to keep floors and surfaces completely cleaned and disinfected to guarantee individuals are protected from bacteria and germs.

Steri 49+ To the rescue!

SteriZar based Steri 49+ is the ideal solution to all these challenges.
It is an anti bacterial floor cleaning solution which uses our unique SteriZar technology to combat the spread of germs in one easy application.

Steri 49+ can be used on any number of floor surfaces to provide an excellent finish on the treated surfaces, it is mild and safe on floors and will not damage the finish.

SteriZar’s Steri 49+ is available in a 5 litre tub and is lemon scented, leaving the area with a subtle, pleasing citrus odour after use.

Use Steri 49+ on Vinyl, Tiles, Rubber and more. It’s gentle formula means it is tough on bacteria, but not on your flooring.
Steri 49+ is non-flammable, and is fully compliant with EU regulations.

As with all SteriZar products Steri 49+ is manufactured in the UK under ISO 9001 and is shipped internationally.

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