SteriZar – Helps prevent the spread of Norovirus

SteriZar & Norovirus - Helping Keep You Safe

The World Health Organization reported that up to 77 million people died from 2009 to 2012 as a result of the disease, and that another 22 million people are infected with the virus. That means there are almost as many deaths from norovirus as there are from cigarettes, alcohol, or heroin combined. It’s not only a major pandemic in the making, but it’s also becoming more deadly every year. To combat the spread of this potentially lethal illness, here are five top SteriZar products designed to help you stay safe and healthy and to prevent yourself from contracting norovirus:

SteriZar Hard Surface Cleaners – Our premium product with barrier control
SteriZar Wipes – Convenient and effective
Steri 49+ Floor Cleaner – Keeping your home bacteria free
SteriZar Hand Gels – Kind to your skin, tough on bacteria
SteriZar Hand Sanitisers – Essential in the fight against bacteria

sterizar range prevents norovirus spread

SteriZar can help prevent the spread of Norovirus

SteriZar has been specifically designed to stop Norovirus and other viruses that cause Coeliac disease. It has an active barrier control which means that even when dry, SteriZar can be used to protect your hands and other surfaces from contact with germs and viruses.

With products like SteriZar, you can now wash your hands in a natural way. The active barrier control means that even when it’s dry, SteriZar will protect your hands and other surfaces from unwanted viruses.

SteriZar - Keeping You & Your Loved Ones Safe

SteriZar will keep you and your family safe from viral and bacterial contaminations.

For many years, health authorities advised people who had close contact with patients to avoid public areas where patients were present so that infectious agents couldn’t spread. These days, the virus seems to be spreading more widely. How can you stay safe when home alone? And what can you do if you’ve been in someone else’s home — or if you’ve just taken a stranger to your doctor? These are questions that shed light on SteriZar – an effective type of health technology developed by a CSS – a UK based company

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