Sterizar – Anti Bacterial Range

The SteriZar Range Of Products

Sterizar is our flagship product and we are proud to be UK manufacturers of all our Hygiene Products. Whatever application you need it for, we have a Sterizar product for you.

SteriZar Hard Surface Cleaners

sterizar hard surface cleanerSterizar Hard Surface Cleaners are available in 750ml sprays and 5 Litre tubs

Perfect for every day use in the home. office, workplace and more – Our Hard Surface Cleaners are easy to use, simply spray it on and that’s it! Our barrier control technology stays active on the surface you have treated, keeping you and your loved ones bacteria free for days.
As well as having great infection control properties SteriZar removes stains and helps mask odours, so it really is a great all in one hygiene and cleaning solution.

SteriZar Hand Sprays & Foams

SteriZar Hand Sprays & FoamsSterizar Hand Sanitisers are available in 50ml Foam, 100ml Spray, 600ml Foam and 5 Litre Refill

Our Hand Hygiene range is a superb way to ensure our hands are clean – From dirt and bacteria.
Choose our pocket sized 5m Hand Sanitiser Foamer and always have peace of mind while out and about, or go for our 600ml version and keep it in the kitchen, bathroom or office.
SteriZar Hand Sanitisers are simple to use and effective – You don’t even have to rinse after use as they will provide a subtle skin moisturising effect after use.
Tested against pathogens, our range of Hand Sanitisers are a sure fire way of getting rid of bacteria and with their neutral PH level they won’t irritate your skin and are Alcohol Free.

SteriZar Hand Gels

sterizar hand gel sanitiserSterizar Hand Gel Sanitisers are available in 100ml, 500ml, and 5 Litre Refill

One pump of our Hand Gel is enough!
Protect yourself from 99.99% of bacteria with our SteriZar Gels. Alcohol Free & Non Flammable with a P Level of 7 to 8.5 – So kind to your skin.
Non Scented, and easy to use. Our Hand Gels are a fantastic way to provide a convenient Anti Bacterial treatment to your hands.

SteriZar Hand Wash

sterizar hand washSterizar Hand Wash are available in 500 Ml Hand Wash and 5 Ltr Hand Wash Refill

Tested to be effective 2 hours after rinsing. our Hand Wash is effective and Alcohol free.
Simply use it like a traditional soap, washing for around 30 seconds, then rinse. SteriZar Hand Wash will leave your hands clean, soft and scent free.
Use our 5 Litre refill to top up our 500Ml pump and keep it in your home or work, ready for action.

SteriZar Sanitising Wipes

sterizar sanitising wipesSterizar Wipes are available in a Tub of 200 Wipes / Packs of 30 Wipes

Our Hand Wipes are effective against a range of Bacteria & Virus and are Alcohol Free & Non Flammable. Leaving your hands feeling refreshed and clean, our wipes are our most convenient way to carry an ultra effective anti bacterial cleaner with you.
You can use our wipes on your hands, mobile devices, keyboards, food preparation areas and more to ensure you and your loved ones stay safe and free from most bacteria.

Sterizar Hard Surface Cleaners Available Scents

Original Scent Lemon Scented
SteriZar 750ml Spray Yes Yes
5 Litre
Yes Yes

Sterizar Hand Gel Sanitisers Available Scents

Original Scent Lemon Scented
SteriZar 100ml & 500ml Yes No
SteriZar 5 Litre Refill Yes No

Sterizar Hand Spray & Foams Available Scents

Original Scent Lemon Scented
SteriZar 50ml & 600ml Foam Yes No
SteriZar 5 Litre Refill & 100ml Spray Yes No

Sterizar Hand Wash Available Scents

Original Scent Lemon Scented
Yes No
SteriZar 5 Litre Refill Yes No